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Welcome to the Public Facilities projects section of AEP Engineering. Here, we showcase our expertise in delivering engineering solutions for public infrastructure and facilities that serve communities. We take great pride in our role in shaping the built environment and contributing to the betterment of society through our projects.


At AEP Engineering, we understand the significance of public facilities projects in enhancing the quality of life for individuals and communities. Whether it's transportation systems, public buildings, parks, or utilities, our team of experienced engineers and designers is dedicated to delivering innovative, sustainable, and resilient solutions that meet the unique needs of the public sector.


We recognize that public facilities projects often involve complex challenges and require a deep understanding of regulatory requirements, public safety, and community engagement. Our multidisciplinary approach and extensive experience in working with government agencies and stakeholders enable us to successfully navigate these complexities and deliver projects that have a positive impact on society.


AEP Engineering is committed to creating infrastructure and facilities that are not only functional but also sustainable and environmentally responsible. We integrate green building practices, energy-efficient systems, and resilient design strategies into our public facilities projects to minimize environmental impact, optimize resource usage, and promote long-term sustainability.


Collaboration is at the heart of our approach to public facilities projects. We work closely with government entities, community leaders, architects, and contractors to ensure that our engineering solutions align with the project's objectives and the needs of the public. Our emphasis on effective communication, transparency, and stakeholder engagement ensures successful project outcomes that serve the best interests of the community.


In the Public Projects section, you can explore examples of our past projects, ranging from transportation infrastructure to community centers, and witness our commitment to excellence in the public sector. Whether you're a government agency or a community organization, AEP Engineering is ready to partner with you in developing innovative, sustainable, and community-centric solutions.


Contact us today to discuss your public facility project. 



AEP was contracted by JCMS to help conduct an investigation into the rupturing of a sprinkler pipe located in the vestibule of the recently renovated court house. The goal was to assist in resolving a dispute between the contractor and the design engineer of record. JCMS was brought on as the third-party mediator, AEP was hired to do the actual survey and engineering report. The scope of this work included a site survey, a review of the engineer’s design, review of testimonial correspondence and the submission of a final report.



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