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At AEP Engineering, we offer comprehensive Fire Protection - Sprinkler Design Services to ensure the safety and protection of your projects. With our team of experienced fire protection engineers and designers, we are committed to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs.


​Our Fire Protection - Sprinkler Design Services encompass a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. Whether you are constructing a new building or retrofitting an existing space, our expertise in fire protection design will help create a system that meets the required safety standards and provides peace of mind.

  • Prevailing Code Research and Analysis

  • Wet and Dry Pipe Automatic Sprinkler System Design

  • Hydraulic Calculation

  • Time of Delivery Calculation – Dry Pipe

  • Special Hazard Groups – Class IV and Plastics Commodities Design

  • NFPA-13 Rack Storage Sprinkler Design

  • CMSA, ESFR Sprinkler type design


System Design and Layout:

We specialize in designing fire protection systems that effectively detect, control, and suppress fires. Our experts analyze your project requirements, evaluate fire hazards, and develop comprehensive sprinkler design plans, including system layout, pipe sizing, hydraulic calculations, and equipment placement. We consider factors such as building codes, regulations, and occupancy classifications to ensure compliance and optimal system performance.


Sprinkler System Design:

Our fire protection designs prioritize the installation of sprinkler systems to control and suppress fires. We determine the appropriate type of sprinkler heads, spacing, and coverage to provide effective fire suppression based on the specific hazard and occupancy. We consider factors such as ceiling height, occupancy, commodity classification, and water supply availability to design sprinkler systems that maximize safety and minimize property damage.


Code Compliance:

Our fire protection designs adhere to relevant fire safety codes and standards. We stay up-to-date with the latest fire protection codes and guidelines, including NFPA standards, to ensure that our designs meet all necessary compliance requirements. Our team works closely with local authorities to secure necessary permits and approvals for your fire protection systems.


Water Supply and Hydraulic Calculations:

We evaluate the available water supply and perform hydraulic calculations to ensure proper water flow and pressure throughout the sprinkler system. Our team considers factors such as water source capacity, pipe sizing, pressure requirements, and water pressure demands to design a system that meets the required fire suppression needs.


Fire Detection and Alarm Integration:

In addition to sprinkler design, we can integrate fire detection and alarm systems to provide comprehensive fire protection. Our designs incorporate smoke detectors, heat detectors, and fire alarm panels that work in conjunction with the sprinkler system to ensure early detection and timely response to fire incidents.


Collaboration and Consultation:

We believe in effective communication and collaboration with our clients. Our team actively engages in discussions, seeks your input, and provides expert advice throughout the design process. We value your vision and strive to incorporate your preferences while ensuring the fire protection design aligns with your project goals.


At AEP Engineering, we are dedicated to delivering fire protection designs that prioritize safety and protection. Our goal is to create fire protection systems that meet the required standards, minimize property damage, and safeguard the lives of occupants.


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